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  • May 1 "labor" is the most beautiful Release time:2018-05-24

    Pay tribute to all employees of the company and pay tribute to production employees May Day International Labor Day Happy [Read]

  • Weichai Power Guests Visited the Company Release time:2018-05-24

    On March 14th, Zhang Chao, Director of International Business Coordination Department of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., Chen Wusheng, Director of Industrial Power Application Development, Li Shiyi, D......[Read]

  • Zhang Weihua, Secretary of Release time:2018-05-24

    On March 16th, Zhang Weihua, party secretary of the company and chairman of the company, went to Wuxi to inspect and supervise the work. He also gave a party lesson for all party members......[Read]

  • GE's Sales Director and hi Release time:2018-05-24

    On March 23rd, Mr. Chris Bannigan, Director of Global Marine Sales of GE Power Conversion Division visited the company. As a pioneer in the field of marine power propulsion, GE has a strong pre......[Read]

  • Group International Trading Release time:2018-05-24

    Recently, the relevant person in charge of the China Shipbuilding International Trade Co., Ltd. and a Pakistani distinguished guest paid a visit to the company and conducted an on-site inspe......[Read]

  • The company obtained Qualif Release time:2018-05-24

    On March 13, Vision Energy Quality Expert Fu Xiangtao and his party conducted a two-day audit of the supplier's qualifications. After the review, the expert group believed that the company......[Read]

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