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The company obtained Qualified Energy Supplier Qualification
Time:2018-05-24 16:02:48  Source:

   On March 13, Vision Energy Quality Expert Fu Xiangtao and his party conducted a two-day audit of the supplier's qualifications. After the review, the expert group believed that the company's details were well-understood, rectification was put in place, and qualified qualifications were met for the long-term qualified suppliers. In particular, the company affirmed the company's long-term spirit of seeking truth and being practical and committed to the cooperation of both parties, and expressed satisfaction with the results of the rectification. , Highly appraised the company's investment in capacity building.The company will continue to be committed to the improvement of management, to ensure the satisfaction of the vision in product manufacturing, and jointly create the best double-fed model products in China with the vision.

    As a leader in the domestic first-tier wind power industry, Yuanjing Energy has demonstrated its industry's absolute leading edge in both market share and technology leadership, and is bound to affect the future industry competition landscape. Joining the long-term future development strategy is of great significance for the company's wind power industry to enter the fast track of development and build the company into an internationally renowned and domestic first-class wind power supporting enterprise. The company will also rely on the cooperation with the vision to continue to enhance the company's wind power manufacturing level, through the "13th Five-Year Plan" efforts, and strive to enter the industry leading the supporting chain of the echelon, wind turbines will become the benchmarking industry of the CSSC.

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