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product quality assurance

1. Quality standards: According to the drawings provided by the user, we promptly organize the relevant technical personnel to factoryize the drawings to ensure that the products produced meet the requirements of the users and meet the requirements of industry standards and laws and regulations. The
2. Component selection: The first component selection is a well-known brand, the second is to meet user requirements, and the third is safety and economy. The
3. Process control: parameter monitoring is performed for special processes such as bending, welding, and spraying; during the process of processing, assembly, and debugging, each process implements the self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection system. Substandard semi-finished products may not enter the next process. The
4. Process management: In the production process, we strictly implement the ISO9001-2000 quality management system documentation requirements and implement total quality management. The
5. Ex-factory inspection: After product processing and assembly are completed, each process is qualified for special inspection, and a professional engineer conducts product inspection in strict accordance with product inspection methods to ensure that the product quality qualification rate reaches 100%.
6. After-sales service: After the product is delivered to the user-specified location, our company will provide after-sales service on the products provided by the user until the product is normally and safely put into operation.

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