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    CSIC Motor Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated in March 2006 and initiated by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's Shanxi Luxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Technology Investment and Development Co., Ltd., China The Shipbuilding Industry's 711st, 712nd, and 704th Research Institutes concentrate on the establishment of superior resources for R&D and industrial manufacturing inside and outside the Group. 994 employees, including eight functional departments and three professional manufacturing bases, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification and access to national three-level confidentiality certification; product quality is stable, the management level has been increasing year by year The R & D and manufacturing capability of the motor, special equipment and comprehensive test capability reach the domestic first-class technical level, and fully meet the requirements for comprehensive testing of motors below 10MW. The company’s products are branded and include synchronous generators, wind turbines, electric motors, special motors, complete sets of generators and power system integration, which can meet the classification requirements of major classification societies around the world. They are widely used in ships, oil fields, mines and power stations. , nuclear power, military industry, marine engineering and many other industries, some products to achieve exports, after more than 20 years of accumulation, in the industry established a good reputation and brand image. Wind power products started from the German LDW company's technology, 2MW double-fed induction motor performance has been at the domestic first-class level; wind power industry innovation through technology conversion, the company has from 850 kW to 5MW, including synchronous, double-fed, high-speed permanent magnets and other structures Full range of supply capabilities.

   The company adhering to the military spirit of "innovation, transcendence, dedication, and dedication", relying on the advantages of the industrial chain of China Shipbuilding Industry Group, taking the vision of "relying the pillars of industry and serving the country with Xingye" as its vision, adhering to the business tenet of "excellent quality, global sharing" , Focus on the implementation of "science and technology enterprises, strong enterprises with talents" strategy, with a sound R & D system, market network and service system, has now entered the ranks of a group of companies under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. Committed to doing professional, fine, and strong in the small and medium-sized motor industry, the brand has become an industry leader with core intellectual property rights and world-leading technology, and we work together with you in the motor industry to create a better future.

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