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    As one of the 156 key construction projects during the National First Five-Year Plan period, in the early 1990s, the Siemens 1FC6 series generator manufacturing technology was imported from Germany with a license and the line was put into production. In 1992, Production of the first batch of 5 1FC6 356-4 generators gradually opened up the market and stood firm. In 1994, Meng Hui, who was the deputy general manager of China National Shipbuilding Corporation, went to the plant and presented the instructions to the factory on the "big up and up" motor. The so-called "big up" means to enlarge the size of the motor industry. "Upgrade" means to increase the capacity of a stand-alone aircraft and meet the requirements for more powerful ships. In this context, the factory established a power generation equipment sales company, and the business scale exceeded 17 million in that year, achieving a qualitative leap. In 1996, the company began to establish a business relationship with COSCO, the largest ocean shipping company in China. Most of its ocean-going vessels are equipped with generators produced by our company. According to preliminary calculations, since 1995, the company has supported nearly 5,000 offshore generators and about 1600 vessels. The good product performance has enabled the company's generator products to be deeply rooted in the industry, with a significant increase in market share, accounting for nearly 40% of the total market for mid-speed engines, and a global share of more than 10%, leading domestically. Status, the international market also has a certain influence.

    Since entering the new century, the company has actively sought the road to corporate transformation and strengthened strategic resource reorganization and mergers and acquisitions. In 2003, the factory implemented the “Strong Co-operation” strategy with Wuxi Electric Instrument Assets Corporation, merged with the original Wuxi Motor Factory, established Wuxi Yanxi Motor Co., Ltd., and former Wuxi Motor Factory introduced Siemens 1FC2/1FJ2 and 1FC5/1FJ5 series generators to join the company. Siemens series generators spectrum. With the continuous increase of market size, the operational efficiency of the market puts forward higher and higher requirements on the organizational structure, capital composition and operational efficiency of the operating entity. In March 2006, Shanxi Luxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., a reform of the company's system, was used as the sponsor. The joint research of Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Science and Technology Investment Development Co., Ltd., and China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. No. 711, 712, 704 The advantages of resources to form state-owned joint-stock companies - China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Motor Technology Co., Ltd., the company's development has entered a new historical stage.

    Since the establishment of the joint-stock company, Daisy Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., as a major shareholder, has always placed expectations on the company's development. In order to enlarge and strengthen the motor industry, Daisy Heavy Industries responded to the call of the national new energy policy and seized market opportunities to invest more than 6 million yuan to introduce 1.5MW wind power technology from German LDW company and build the line into production. In 2009, the wind power assets were integrated into the joint-stock company, making it a new economic growth point for the company's future development. In the same year, assets were stripped from the air separation division that was originally formed under the joint-stock company. The company's development has entered the fast lane of product specialization. In 2012, the company introduced social resources and established the motor division and production line. At present, motor products have more than 70 varieties of specifications, the market coverage of mining explosion-proof, oil, marine and other fields. In the first half of 2015, in order to optimize the combination of existing resources, the company set up a system integration department to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of electrical system integration. In 2016, the company introduced motor industry experts, expanded regional agency, and made the motor industry bigger and stronger. At the same time, the new energy vehicle motor project will be launched to optimize the industrial layout and cultivate new economic growth points.

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