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Zhang Weihua, Secretary of the Party Committee of the company and chairman of the company, taught party lessons in the Wuxi area
Time:2018-05-24 16:10:30  Source:
    On March 16th, Zhang Weihua, party secretary of the company and chairman of the company, went to Wuxi to inspect and supervise the work. He also gave a party lesson for all party members and leading cadres above the middle level to be realistic and pragmatic. 
   The party class started from the study of the nineteen major texts, personal analysis and understanding, and looked forward to the development of the company. By referring to the text of General Secretary Xi’s speech and combining with the actual situation of the company’s industrial development, the party’s class explained what high-quality development was and what its main connotation was. He pointed out that as the national economy shifts from a high-speed growth phase to a high-quality development phase, we must adhere to quality first and efficiency first, and supply-side structural reform as the main line to promote economic development to achieve quality change, efficiency change, power change, and improvement. Factor productivity.
   In class, Zhang Weihua analyzed and explained the integration of production and finance, emphasizing the inevitable trend and importance of networking and intelligence. It also particularly analyzed the diversified influence of Internet development on social ideological trends and industry development in recent years, and used rich cases to reveal the truth behind various ideological trends. It reminds the participating party members to understand the situation, define the tasks, refine the work, and quantify the indicators, and earnestly achieve "high efficiency," "high-level," and "high-yield."
   Zhang Weihua urged party members and leading cadres to study in depth and set a good example. Each party branch should give full play to its role as a fighting fortress in practice and organize “three classes and one lesson” through various forms such as special study and discussion, organization of life meetings, democratic appraisal, and recognition of excellence. "All party members must work on their own posts and be qualified as four-spoken and four-strong party members."
   The contents of the party lesson are rich and informative. Explaining the profound things in a simple way and explaining the truth to the present have enabled all party members and cadres to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding and understanding of the “adapt to the new normal and play a new role”.

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