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Weichai Power Guests Visited the Company
Time:2018-05-24 16:13:04  Source:

    On March 14th, Zhang Chao, Director of International Business Coordination Department of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., Chen Wusheng, Director of Industrial Power Application Development, Li Shiyi, Director of Power Station Project, and Zhang Jun, Director of Weichai Power Taiyuan Center, visited the company's headquarters in Taiyuan. Sun Shijun, deputy general manager of the company, Wang Jinsong and Qiao Junli, assistants to the general manager, Wang Xiaopan, general manager of the Taiyuan Motor Business Department, and Chang Linshan, deputy director of the marketing center, accompanied the reception.
During the visit, the guests visited the Exhibition Center of the History of Daisy Heavy Industries Plant. The profound cultural heritage and historical heritage of the old military personnel left a deep impression on the customers. Subsequently, the customer visited the company's generator production line. Sun Shijun, deputy general manager of the company, introduced the process flow, hardware equipment and production capabilities to the guests in detail. Our good hardware condition and management ability have been praised by guests.
At a follow-up forum, representatives from both sides conducted friendly and in-depth exchanges on the cooperation in the next overseas market. Weichai Power Minister Zhang said that overseas market development has always been the focus of Weichai's work. In the future, the two sides can jointly develop products on projects with market prospects. We hope to develop products that are recognized by the market with our professional motor production capacity and excellent technical strength. The visit of Weichai Power guests was the first time that the Weichai International Division had come to our company for investigation. It represented a further deepening of our cooperation with Weichai and also demonstrated that our products have been recognized by overseas markets.

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