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GE's Sales Director and his company visited the company
Time:2018-05-24 16:08:18  Source:
On March 23rd, Mr. Chris Bannigan, Director of Global Marine Sales of GE Power Conversion Division visited the company. As a pioneer in the field of marine power propulsion, GE has a strong presence in market segments such as luxury cruise ships, military ships, and offshore oil platforms. Technology and service advantages. Due to the needs of market competition, especially for the development of markets in East Asia and Southeast Asia, there is a desire to cooperate with powerful domestic ship supporting enterprises to jointly develop markets.

Mr. Chris Bannigan and his entourage first visited the company's manufacturing site and expressed satisfaction with the company's manufacturing capabilities and production conditions. In the subsequent in-depth exchanges between the two sides, General Manager Zhang Yongmao first expressed his welcome to the visit of GE's VIP guests and the company’s The situation was briefly described. The marketing center demonstrated the company’s production support capabilities and experience and performance in the shipbuilding industry. GE's guests fully recognized the company’s experience in the shipbuilding industry and explained that this was an important basis for the cooperation between the two sides. Then the guest gave a brief introduction to the major market areas covered by GE.

In addition, the two sides also exchanged information on specific projects and technical details. Mr. Chris Bannigan expressed his satisfaction with the investigation results and will carry out the next step after GE has summarized relevant content assessments.

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