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Unswervingly take a new pace of high quality development
Time:2018-05-24 16:34:07  Source:

On February 27th, the Longxi Party Committee Theory and Research Center of the Western Fujian Heavy Industry Group expanded its study and conscientiously studied the new era connotation of vigorously promoting the spirit of “Red Ship”, and timely conveyed the “leading-line executives of the Group” to implement the high-quality development strategy outline of the shipbuilding industry in the new era. The important spirit of the training class was watched by the micro-video "People's Leader" and "Answer" issued by Xinhua News Agency. The members of the Theory Center Group, the heads of various energy departments, and the members of the holding company team participated in the study.
   During the intensive learning phase, Huang Duoyi, deputy director of the Party and Group Work Department, explained the time background and profound connotation of the “Red Ship Spirit”, namely the eternal pioneering spirit, the bold pioneering spirit, the firm and ideal spirit, and the indomitable spirit of struggle. For the public and loyal people's dedication, we propose that the new era should continue to give new connotations to the “Red Boat Spirit.” The company’s cadres at all levels should consciously use the “Red Ship Spirit” to nourish their thoughts, strengthen their convictions, and guide their actions.
   Zhang Weihua, party secretary of the company and chairman of the company, led the participants to jointly study the key points of the 19th National Report on the reform of state-owned enterprises and asked them to deeply understand the new positioning and new requirements of the 19th Party Congress on state-owned enterprises. He pointed out that the report of the 19th National Party Congress has taken a major step forward in the reform of state-owned enterprises at a new historical starting point, emphasizing that "state-owned enterprises are an important force for strengthening the country's overall strength and safeguarding the common interests of the people. They must be righteous, strong, large, and excellent. , continue to enhance the vitality, influence, resistance to risk, to maintain the value of state-owned assets to increase the value," we must firmly grasp the correct direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises, always adhere to the "comprehensive party building from the work, starting from the party to work," in order to promote the company's high We will make positive contributions to quality development and the realization of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.

   Zhang Weihua focused on communicating the spirit of "mainly leading cadre training courses for the implementation of the high-quality development strategy outline for the shipbuilding industry in the new era." He conveyed the spirit of the important speeches made by higher leaders such as the SASAC, the Central Military Commission, the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau, and interpreted Hu Wenming, party secretary and chairman, on the profound study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era socialism with Chinese characteristics and fully implemented the party’s ten Nine spirits, striving to open up an important exposition of the high quality development of the group company, learning the general manager Sun Bo and other leaders from the macro situation, production factors, military quality, scientific research management, market positioning, reform and adjustment, emerging industries, production The important explanations on how to achieve high-quality development in terms of integration and party building work led everyone to profoundly study the five principles of the fundamental principles, strategic objectives, strategic priorities, strategic support, and strategic guarantees of high-quality development in the new era.
   Regarding how to implement the spirit of the group company work conference and unswervingly take the company's high quality development pace, Zhang Weihua emphasized that first, we must clearly define the profound connotation of the high-quality development of our company, that is, resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi on the group. Adhere to the leadership of the party for high-quality development of the enterprise, focus on development, careful organization, careful operation, and strive for excellence. In the work must be the pursuit of high efficiency, high level, high yield, always adhere to the bottom line and the red line consciousness, for the construction of the group company Become an innovative global leader in the military-based, military-civilian integration, technological leadership, and integration of production and finance to provide strong support. Second, we must implement the new development concept and make overall plans for the "131331 Project." All units must combine their own actualities, highlight problem-oriented issues, benchmark development, find gaps, define goals, and catch up; overcoming the relationship between “yes” and “good or bad” in practice, aiming at strategic needs, industry positioning, Key structural priorities such as product structure, innovation drive, marketing layout, and resource allocation should be used to accurately advance supply-side structural reforms, and to actively implement the military-military integration development strategy, and strive to build first-rate water and electricity network smart manufacturing companies. Third, we must strengthen our mission and pay close attention to the implementation of our responsibilities. All units should clearly define the target thinking, form a target situation map, decompose the indicators, and quantify the assessment; the functional departments should focus on strengthening the service and management functions, go deep into the frontline, understand the situation, and effectively guide and help solve practical difficulties and problems; the production, operation and scientific research units should focus on optimizing the structure. , Lean management, improving quality and efficiency, strengthening product development and market development, persevering efforts in safety, quality, secrecy, and stability, feeling love for employees, allowing employees to experience new changes in the new era, and sharing high-quality corporate development New results.
   Pan Yaoliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the company, requested the disciplinary discipline of the center group and remobilized the spirit of implementing the company's 2018 work conference.

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