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Starting a good game, making a good start, West Fujian Heavy Industry seriously plans to work in 2018
Time:2018-05-24 16:32:35  Source:

Recently, the company held a work conference in 2018 to conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, analyze the current situation and tasks faced by the company, highlight problem-oriented issues, identify short-term gaps, specify specific measures, and position key work in the new year. Overall design. Zhang Tao, general manager, presided over the meeting. Leaders of the company, members of various operating entity teams, and heads of functional departments attended the meeting.

   At the meeting, 6 business units, including equipment manufacturing company, motor company, Daixi mechanical and electrical company, thermal engineering division, Sai Siyi Electric Company, and Fuge Hotel, focused on the new development ideas of the "131331 Project" and the key work this year. Planning ideas and other reports and exchanges. Zhang Weihua, chairman and party secretary of the company, pointed out that the convocation of the 19th National Party Congress marked the beginning of a new era for our country. New times must have a new atmosphere and we must also have new actions. Conscientiously doing a good job in 2018, first, we must adhere to the guidance of the socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics with a new era of Xi Jinping, implement the new development concept, deepen the reform and innovation of state-owned enterprises, optimize the enterprise system and mechanism, and lead the company to high-quality benefit-type changes; Second, in-depth analysis of the company's existing problems and facing the situation, and overall consideration, detailed planning, adhere to the problem-oriented, find gaps, strengths and weaknesses, make up for shortcomings, self-inflicted pressure, the implementation of responsibilities; Third, resolutely implement the company's decision-making deployment Leading cadres must strengthen their confidence and clear their thinking. They must not only be good coaches, but also be good athletes. They should set a good example in all kinds of work and train a high-quality, understandable, and younger talent team; Based on the military, the military research and production are solidly promoted, and the main business is strengthened. Many measures in the field of civilian products increase market development and transform the target customers into real contract orders. The fifth is to closely follow the strategy of the group company, promote integration of production and finance, and advanced The smart manufacturing industry is stepping forward. Zhang Weihua finally stressed that the Charge No. 2018 had already sounded, and the company had to plan early and move forward early, stepping down its responsibilities, implementing the indicators, and showing our new actions in the future.

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