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2MW wind turbine
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规格 850kW 1500kW 2000kW 2500kW 3000kW
额定功率 860kW 1560kW 2150kW 2650kW 3200kW
额定电压 690V 690V 690V 690V 690V
定子额定功率 740kW 1310kW 1840kW 2260kW 2660kW
定子额定电流 672A 1218A 1750A 2150A 2225A
转子额定功率 120kW 250kW 310kW 390kW 540kW
转子额定电流 314A 500A 614A 770A 1000A
额定转速 1700rpm 1800rpm 1755rpm 1200rpm 1200rpm
转速范围 1000-2000 1000-2000 1000-2000 620-1380 620-1380
极数 4 4 4 6 6
效率 >96.5% >96.5% ≥97% >96.5% >96.5%
定子功率因数 1 1 1 1 1
转子开口电压 1962V 2018V 1835V 1780V 1875V
接线方式 定子△ 转子Y 定子△ 转子Y 定子△ 转子Y 定子△ 转子Y 定子△ 转子Y
防护等级 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
绝缘等级 H H H H H
工作制 Sl Sl Sl Sl Sl
重量 4000kg  6400kg 7000kg 9000kg 11000kg

The main characteristics of wind turbines: Advanced Switch, LDW technology; Military quality assurance system; Special insulation structure; Ensure that windings withstand harsh environments and high dv / dt; According to user requirements designed to different cooling forms, tight structure, Small size, light weight, wide speed range; Smooth adjustment of active power and reactive power; Protection class IP54; Insulation class H; Installation type IMB3; Advanced VPI impregnation and rotation baking process, using insulated bearings and grounding brushes Eliminate the influence of the axis current; The higher rotor winding opening voltage facilitates the reliable control of the rotor; real-time monitoring of the motor winding and bearing temperature.

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