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Company Commission for Discipline Conducts Collective Integrity Talks on New and Newly Positioned Leaders
Time:2018-05-24 16:38:16  Source:

On April 4, the company’s Discipline Inspection Commission conducted a collective and honest speech on new appointments and new leadership positions. Pan Yaoliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the company, took the title of “Loyal and Duty to Take the Lead and Heartedly Responsible for Creating a Well-Behaved Enterprise,” and combined with the actual work to take a vivid and honest party course for 49 newly appointed and newly appointed employees. .
   Pan Yaoliang mentioned that adhering to party leadership and strengthening party building is a glorious tradition of state-owned enterprises, a “root” and “soul” of state-owned enterprises. State-owned enterprises are the most reliable economic force for the party and the country. All work must be reflected. The will of the country and the party’s claims must be done in accordance with the functional orientation of the country and reformed and developed in accordance with the requirements of the country’s standards. As a state-owned enterprise, a central enterprise, and a military industrial enterprise, the company integrates the three major political attributes. It is necessary for the party to trust and for the employees to rest assured that it must uphold the party's leadership and strengthen party building. The party must govern the party must start from the political life within the party. Strict management of the party must start from within the party's political life. Newly appointed and new leadership must strictly implement the "many aspects of political life within the party under the new situation. The Guidelines and the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's "grasping the party building from the job and starting work from the party building" requirements, maintaining the principled combative nature of the party's political life, widely carrying out criticism and self-criticism, and consciously accepting the supervision of the masses.

Pan Yaoliang pointed out: "The political firmness comes from theoretical soberness." Leading cadres must, through continuous learning, improve their ideological and political accomplishments, increase their own knowledge and talents, and firm their correct political beliefs. We must use Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide to thoroughly study and implement the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of speeches, learn and think, learn and believe, and learn to use them. We must truly use advanced theories to arm our minds, make up for the spiritual calcium, and always maintain A sober political mind, maintaining the correct political direction. At the same time, leaders must also be accustomed to work under the supervision of the organization and the masses, under the constraints of strict systems, and in accordance with the rules, regulations, and processes.
   At the meeting, Fan Quanzhong, deputy secretary of the Disciplinary Discipline Inspection Commission and director of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department, organized and studied the contents of the "Disciplinary Construction of the Party," and briefed on the recent cases of violations of the central eight-point spirit, and asked everyone to conscientiously study and conscientiously observe party discipline. At the same time, we must take the case as a warning and learn lessons. All new appointments and new appointments signed an ICAC commitment letter.

  In the end, Pan Yaoliang led all the participants in the party flag to take the oath of corruption.

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